Dashboard Design Resources

Designers, Engineers and everyone in between, when faced with a blank slate and the challenge of creating a new dashboard will face a similar set of challenges. While the details of those design problems are intricate and different, at the core of every data dense application, the same principles and approaches apply. We’re all trying to answer a few key questions.

How can I best get this information across to the audience?

What’s the best way to approach the design of my dashboard?

Is my dashboard effectively solving my user’s problems?

These resources were carefully crafted to help you answer some of these questions and get a leg-up on your project. At face value, dashboards are a massive and seemingly complex subject, yet I’ve distilled down a ton of design expertise, all based on real design experience, into these helpful resources. They’re here to help your dashboard application succeed in a meaningful way.

These guides are focused on core areas within the larger concepts of dashboards and big data design including; Data Visualization, Layout Best Practices and a Guide to Color in Dashboard Applications.

(And yes, you can have more than one, these are all here to help sharpen your skills).

After you’ve internalized the ideas in these guides, you’ll be ready to dive in deeper to the real nitty gritty. The full Learn Dashboard Design course is not high level, so be prepared to get technical and learn everything about this incredible subject.